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Company Profile

Giti Namaye Jonoub Corporate Business Services (CBS) is considered as one of the players in food industry in Iran. The company has also operation in Europe as well as branch in Lithuania. GITINJ is a commercial based firm involves mainly in food industry and offers different product categories which has been stablished in 2005. Beside of food industry, company always looking for new opportunities in being involve in different projects.


The Company’s main activity is trade of dates, pistachio, herbal waters, different type of stones and hand made Persian stuff like carpet.

Packaging in different formats and styles is another service that company can offer. It is also intended to expand the range of products, and additionally start trade of mobile phone accessories: headphones, speakers, headsets, memory cards, and accessories: tray, screen protections, boxes for headphones and so on.

Our main benefits are as below:

  • Organic and natural
  • hygienically and pasteurized
  • No preservatives
  • Protected from the sun’s damaging light
  • Protected from outside air and oxidation.
  • Easy to use and light weight
  • Drink with medicinal purpose
  • Marinate of food, salads, yogurt, hot and cold drinks
  • Very stylish and compact packaging
  • Global standard licencee

Our Products

Giti namaye jonub as a trading company has access to various range of Iranian herbal and Organic waters and dates.



Dates fruit is one of the most high quality tropical fruits which only can be grown in particular regions of the world. Date palm is cultivated at special weather condition which this situation is available at limited countries in the world and Iran because of having diversity in weather situation has been successful in Date cultivation.

In recent years Iran is one of the leading countries in Date production in the world, with annual production of about 900,000 metric tons. Date palm is grown mainly in south, south east, and south west of the Iran. There is a good opportunity and a large potential for trade in this commodity in Iran. In areas where frosts do not occur the Date palm is the most characteristic representative of irrigation agriculture.

Date Fruit Nutritive Value

All the kinds of Date fruit are rich source of high nutrient, minerals ( Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Potassium, Selenium, Sodium) , vitamins( A, B9, C), fatty acids ( Omega 3, Omega 6), protein, dietary fiber, antioxidants so all of various Date fruit helps and raises  the immune system against diseases.

Main vategories of dates

  • Mazafati Fresh Dates
  • Kabkab Dates
  • Sayer Dates Pitted and Un-pitted
  • Zahedi Dates
Rose Water


Other Name: Rose water, Rose extract, Rose distillate

  • Distillation of rose petals, rose water is obtained, which has many benefits including memory enhancement, heart, stomach, liver, laxative,
  • sedative and very convenient, it is useful for headaches, skin health and eliminate bad breath. The substance in the treatment of tuberculosis, chronic diarrhoea,
  • sore throat and diseases of the nervous system is useful. Aromatic, Flavouring, Tranquilizer and relaxing agent.
  • Use of this product is due to the properties of the blocked arteries of heart patients is recommended.
  • used in cookies and sweet drinks
Mint Water


Other Name: mint water, spearmint water, mint extract, mint distillate

  • Mint water is one of the most consumed distillates among Iranian people.
  • beneficial anti-flatulent, alleviating gripes and intestine and stomach aches, gastric, contributes to the food digestion, strong painkiller and sedative, nourishing,
  • Antidiarrheal,
  • Carminative, vomiting, Analgesic, stimulant, chronic stomach aches, palpitation, migraine, and tension headache To be taken as a beverage with water after every meal
Willow Water


Other Name: Willow Water, Willow Extract, Egyptian Willow Water, Egyptian Willow Extract

  • Egyptian willow extract is one of the most consumed distillates among Iranian people.
  • It strengthens the neural system, Good for heart invigoration and heart health, Cardio tonic, stimulant, gastric, tranquilizer, improves neural problems,
  • aphrodisiac, anti-headache depression, neural aches and rheumatism, decreases fever and strengthens the body and is blood-making.
  • Among other properties of this product, we can name its benefit for stimulating the appetite among those people who suffer from poor appetite.
  • It is also beneficial for the expulsion of the intestinal parasites.
  • To be taken as a beverage with sugar and water every time.
Bitter Orange Water


Other Name: Bitter orange water, Orange blossom water, bitter orange extract, Orange blossom extract, bitter orange distillate, Orange blossom distillate

  • Relieves heart and nerves, Helps you sleep and relax body, Anti hiccups,
  • Anti cough, Relaxant Sedative and tranquillizer, anti-spasmodic.
  • To be taken as a beverage before to go to bed.
Dill Water


Other Name: dill water, dill extract, dill distillate

  • Properties: Tonic stomach nourishing, reduce blood fat lactiferous, lactiferous
  • Digestive, galactagogic, Sooths stomach, Helps to expel intestinal gas, Good for reducing hyper blood pressure and hyper blood cholesterol,
  • Can be used as a beverage to decrease of blood fat
Cumin Water


Other Name: cumin water, cumin extract, cumin distillate

  • Carminative, stimulant, stomachic, aphrodisiac, diuretic, lactiferous.
  • Can be used as a leanness beverage
Thyme Water


Other Name: thyme water, thyme extract, thyme distillate

  • water: Anti cough, Anti-bacterial, anti-virus, carminative, anti-septic, strengthen the stomach, relieve stomach acidity, vision, pain and seizures,
  • blood thinners, useful for catarrh, remove worm, useful for respiratory diseases
Fennel Water


Other Name: fennel water, fennel extract, fennel distillate

  • Dyspepsia relief, diuretic, lactiferous, carminative, anti-colic, increase milk, aromatic, a windbreaker, and a rule binding diuretic,
  • tonic, stomach, elimination of urea and uric acid
Lavender Water


Other Name: Lavender water, Lavender extract, Lavender distillate

  • invigorating, strengthening the nerves, antipyretic, anticonvulsant, anti-migraine and treatment of neurological diseases,
  • anti-asthma and whooping cough, Tonic aromatic, Relaxant, good for relief of stomach-ache with neural origin.
Cinnamon Water


Other Name: Cinnamon water, Cinnamon extract, Cinnamon distillate

  • Heart tonic, relieve throat infections, lowering blood pressure and blood fat
Cardamom Water


Other Name: Cardamom water, Cardamom extract, Cardamom distillate.

  • Nourishing the stomach, relieve headaches, treatment of insomnia, neuralgia pain and anaemia, aromatic and fragrant.
Other products
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We constantly improving our services and the variety of our products. You are welcome to contact us for any special enquiries.

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